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Topics: Bacteria, Red blood cell, Cell nucleus Pages: 6 (1351 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Observing Bacteria and Blood

The purpose of this exercise is to gain knowledge on basic skills to correctly operate a microscope by viewing blood and bacteria through different magnifications

This exercise will help me gain knowledge and the correct way to use a microscope. This will also help me for future observations of microbes.

Properly set up microscope and made sure it was functioning properly. All lenses were wipe with lens paper and nine different slides were chosen upon inspection, two of which were fresh. Each slide was carefully observed at each magnification (4x, 10x, 40x). Observations were reported in table and drawings of my findings.

Table 1
“e” slide|
Penicillium with conidia|
Bacteria, bacillus form|
Bacteria, coccus form|
Bacteria, spirillium form|
Prepared yogurt slide |
Fresh blood smear|
Fresh yogurt slide – 24 hours old|

Specimen| Magnification| Observations|
“e”| 150x| “e” is clear to see|
| | Edges are not crisp as rest of the image|
Penicillium with conidia| 150x| Long, wavy, skinny strands everywhere| | | Top area has dark spots|
| | Image seems to be fuzzy in middle area|
| 600x| Shapes are being more clear|
| | |
| | Cocci shapes more visible|

| 1500xoil immersion| Long tails of circles formed|
| | Cocci shapes more prominent|
| | Image not as clear as previous magnification|
Bacteria, bacillus form| 150X| Skinny, stringlike strands| | | Some pieces seem connected|
| | Not able to determine shape|
| | Looks more like little pieces of hair|
| 600x| Strands look more like rods|
| | Connected|
| | Still seem more stringlike|
| 1500Xoil immersion| Rods are more clear to see|
| | Some rods seem to be bigger than others|
| | Solid, not transparent|
Yeast| 150X| Little cluster of balls|
| | Some separated, some in big clusters|
| 600X| Round circles more clear to see|
| | Some circles separated|
| 1500Xoil immersion| Edges of circle a bit blurry|
| | Easy to see shape of bacteria|
| | Cells spaced apart|
Bacteria, coccus form| 150X| Shape is not clear to see|
| | Some cells are in groups|
| | Some cells are darker than others|
| 600X| Still not clear to see what shape it is|
| | Some cells look connected|
| | Some clusters are more prominent than others|
| 1500Xoil immersion| Some are clumped together|
| | Some are grouped in twos or threes|
| | Shape much more clearer than previous magnifications| Bacteria, spirillium form| 150X| String like cells|
| | Mainly brown colored|
| | Fibers that are clustered|
| 600X| Looks like little curly hairs|
| | Shape is still not clear|
| | Little threadlike cells|
| 1500Xoil immersion| Cells look like worms|
| | Wavy, threadlike cells|
| | Brown and yellow colored|
Prepared yogurt slide| 150X| Not too many bacteria can be seen| | | Not clear enough to determine shape of cell|
| | Clusters|
| 600X| Little circles can be seen|
| | Little strands connected with each other can be seen| | 1500Xoil immersion| Cells are much more pronounced|
| | Streptococci shaped|
| | Much more dense in color|
Fresh yogurt – 24 hours old| 150X| No clear image of any organisms| | | Not able to recognize any cells|
| 600X| I can start to see some movement |
| | Shape is still unrecognizable|
| | Still too small|
| 1500Xoil immersion| Irregular shapes|
| | Movement between cells|
Fresh blood smear| 600X| Stacks of cells|
| | Cells are pink in color|
| | Clusters of erythrocytes|
| 1500Xoil immersion| Lifesavor like shape|
| | No nucleus seems to be formed|
| | Erythrocytes stacked |

It took some time getting used to the microscope...
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