Lab 1

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  • Published: October 12, 2013
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You will be able to type directly on this document. Use as much space as you need. Remember to save the finished document as an” rtf file” or “doc” file(your name and lab number) and attach. ___________

Date of Experiment ___10/6/13_________
Date Report Submitted ____10/7/13_____________

Title:Observation of Chemical Changes
Objectives: To observe some properties of chemical reactions. To associate chemical properties with household products.

Have you made any changes to the procedure? No. Please Explain

Data Tables and Observation: Fill out the data sheet for the experiment and submit with this form. Remember:Lab notes are evidence of your work and of your understanding of the concepts demonstrated in the experiments. They are also the primary basis for your chemistry lab grade. Create a neat document and try to express your thoughts clearly, concisely, and completely.

This lab can be found in the lab manual under “Observations of Chemical Changes.” It is absolutely essential that you read the discussion and review the sections of this lab (and all of the labs) BEFORE you begin the experiment and refer to it when you are working on this write up. Do not take the “short cut” and skim through or you will make errors that will affect your grade. The lab grade is worth 20% of your course grade and can make a difference in your final grade.

Your instructor is prepared to answer questions please use the discussion board so that your very good questions can be answered in a forum from which your fellow students may benefit.

Data Sheet for Experiment # 1 – Observations of Chemical Changes Write down everything you observe, for example: color change (include the color before and after for each step), bubbles, solid formation (precipitate), etc. Indicate the difference, if any, observed on the dark paper versus the white paper. (9 pts)

Well No.
Observation on White Paper
Observation on Dark Paper...
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