La Misma Luna

Topics: Spanish language, United States, Minimum wage Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: November 8, 2010
I watched La Misma Luna for my extracurricular event. The movie was about Rosario who works in California illegally doing housework and another minimum wage job in order to support her family in Mexico. Her little son Carlitos decides to try and go to California and find her. He goes through many troubles including weird people, crossing the boarder, and then having to find her. Carlitos was very brave and really wanted to accomplish this. During this time, Rosario has trouble with her jobs, at the house she worked at the women fired her and did not pay. Rosario was having trouble staying confident about staying in the United States and not going back. They eventually meet up at the pay phone they would talk to each other on Sundays at 10. The event taught me about Spanish speaking. I followed along when they were speaking Spanish. For the most part it was rather basic Spanish. It helped me practice and think about the words we have learned in class. I was able to also get a further understanding on the dialect of Spanish and how conversation between people works. I personally enjoyed watching the movie. It was an entertaining video and had a good plot. Hearing Spanish spoken makes it easier to learn it. I was able to understand almost all of it except for quick spoken conversation. It was interesting to hear how the words go together. Watching La Misma Luna was a very valuable event and helped me get a better understanding on the Spanish language.
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