La Marathon

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LA Marathon 2011

Ever since I was a little girl I was admiring people who were able to run a marathon in short amount of time, telling myself that I’ll never be able to run one. The reason being that I always ran away from running in high school. Until I came to USA when I had change my opinion about running a marathon. If you want to cross a finish line in a marathon you need to be very disciplined. I can proudly say that the LA marathon for me was a great experience, challenging and very painful. I was looking for some activities were I could make friends . I joined the fitness center, went to yoga classes, but nothing really worked until one of my friend tried to convince me to run the LA marathon with her. I looked at her with big eyes and I sad that I am not capable to run so much. She tried to convince me that with the training and expert trainers I would be able to. My friend insisted so much until I gave up and I accepted to run the La Marathon with her.

We started the training at the beginning of August with Ventura Road Runners out in Ventura and ended in the middle of March, one week before the marathon. I was scared and afraid because I had never ran as much , not even ridden the bicycle for that long. First day of training was easy, we meet the group with who we signed up, got our schedule and we had to run jog for thirty minutes. When I looked at the schedule I realized that there is a lot of training involved and I tried to convince myself that I will be able to do it. Running the first thirty minutes by the ocean was easy at the beginning. As the week passed by, the amount of time and miles assigned were getting larger and larger. During the first week of training I started to feel pain in my entire body and made me want to give up more and more, yet in the same time my friend tried to convince me not to. Everyday training got more and more frustrating for me because of the pain in my body. The...
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