La Guagua Aerea: Movie Review

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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“La Guagua Aerea”
Many things in life are learned the hard way. We learn to overcome these obstacles and adapt to rapid change. The movie we saw in class is a perfect example of these points. It takes place in the 1970’s when tickets from Puerto Rico to New York where lowered down to $20 in order to promote immigrants to come to the U.S. This was found to be a big scam done by the U.S. to trick the Puerto Rican community to selling their properties. This movie takes place mainly on the plane on the way to La Guardia Airport. There were many interesting points I noticed in this film. One of my observations was how all these immigrants were traveling with the same dream. The American dream is this hope that all immigrants who come to the United States have of becoming successful. They believe that by coming to this country they will make a lot of money. For many it’s false hope and when they come here they realize how hard it is to actually make a living over here. Jobs aren’t opened everywhere especially not jobs that are willing to pay good. A good example of this is the taxi driver who was in the movie. He had previous experience of what life was like in New York. He went there once before with hopes of getting a good job and instead he realized that things were hard. That is why he became so angry when the stuck up Puerto Rican man tried to act like he was going to be so rich in New York. My personal opinion towards this movie is it’s definitely an eye opening visual of what really happens when immigrants come to the U.S. Their false thoughts and how we never let go of our culture no matter how far we are from home. I thought the movie was very funny at points especially when the people on board began eating their rice and beans. It was really hilarious how they kept looking at the pickle that came in the sandwich like it was from outer space. I understand how these people feel especially since I am an immigrant from Peru. It was very hard to adapt to this...
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