La Follette

Topics: Wisconsin, Primary election, Wealth Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: March 1, 2013
1.Thesis: overall, what is the main argument advanced by the author?

Governor La Follette and his ideas of improving life standard of people: get rid of corruptions; put regulations on child and women labor, pure food and working hours. His passion in politic, gave all his life in fighting for justice. La Follette emerges as a champion of returning power to the people and as a restless antagonist of special privilege and corrupt wealth.

2.Assessment: is the argument and evidence as presented convincing? Why or why not? What question(s) do you have about the material presented in this reading?

Yes. Because the whole chapter portraits a picture of an infamous Wisconsin leader and U.S Senator, with all his achievements as well as failures, also shows his effort of trying to make people’s life better. He was once a farm laborer so he understood how poor people tried to survive living with the corrupted government back then. He fought bravely to control all the monopolies that drained out people resources, gave more rights to the women, increased working condition of laborers and fair taxation.

Part 2 – Content
1.[p. 121]: What were the major sources of Wisconsin’s “considerable turmoil” at the time La Follette was elected to his first term as governor? How did he propose to resolve that turmoil?

Major sources of Wisconsin’s “considerable turmoil”: 45% of the farms were mortgaged. 80% of the population owned 10% of the wealth, and 1% of the population owned half the state’s property.

Solution: La Follette took special care to assure big businesses that he was not opposed to their largeness but only to their efforts to control prices, stifle competition, and create monopolies. He stressed 2 of its most fundamental elements for immediate implementation: a comprehensive primary election law and railroad taxation based on actual property valuation.

2.[p. 121-122]: What was the “Wisconsin Idea,” and how...
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