La Amistad

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Slavery, American Civil War Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: January 13, 2013
For my first quarter supplemental project, I chose to watch the movie Amistad. This movie portrays very unfortunate events that innocent people from Africa had to endure. The Africans were being held in Cuba and were chained to the cargo on the ship La Amistad. One of the Africans- Cinque; takes over the ship and him and his men kill most of the crew. Furthermore, they continue to sail, but reach the United States where they are imprisoned as runaway slaves. After this, the slaves are beginning to fight for their freedom. They get an abolitionist lawyer who is willing to and wants to fight for their freedom. What happens in this movie is very important to history. It portrays the horrid events that slaves had to endure and it also helps me realize (if they don’t already know this) that all men/women were created equally. Also, since this movie was particularly graphic is showing the specific events that happened, it really opens your eyes to how inhumane it all was and how inconsiderate people were to the Africans. Furthermore, it holds repercussions of which involve the conflict before the North and the South; which then will lead the Civil War. Many things inspire me about this movie. The main inspiration is how determined the Africans were to declare their freedom- keeping in mind how frightfully terrible this people were treated. They never stopped persevering, and for this they gained their freedom to go back to their homelands. Another thing that was inspiring to me was how respectful (for the most part) that the Africans were to the white men. They definitely had reason to be malicious and vindicate them. Not very many things bored me about this movie. The movie had such traumatic and intense scenes that kept you watching. But one thing I did find boring was basically all of the court scenes. I found them hard to follow and somewhat confusing. But overall, Amistad was an inspiring movie and I would definitely recommend it to people who are uneducated...
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