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Faculty of Business & Information Science
Business Communication (BB101)
September- October 2012
Teaching Plan

Week| Date| Lecture Classes| Remarks| Tutorial Classes| Remarks| 1| 3rd September| * Introduction about the course * Briefing about assessments * Lecture Chapter 1: Business Communication Foundations * Lecture Chapter 4: Principles of Business Communication| | * Tutorial 1: MCQ questions, structure and essay (Chapter 1) * Tutorial 2: Writing principles| | 2| 10th September| * Lecture Chapter 14: Listening and Non- verbal message * Lecture Chapter 15: Oral Communication Essentials * Lecture Chapter 5: Print and Electronic Messages | | * Tutorial 3 & 4: MCQ and structure questions * Game Activity * Tutorial 5 | | 3| 17th September| Public HolidayReplacement holiday for Malaysia Day| | * During Tutorial Classes (starting from 18th September- 21st September) * Presentation by students (individual presentation) | Attire: Smart casual (strictly no slippers or sandals; no round neck t-shirt; please google if you want to know how to dress smart casual)Each student presents their topic 3- 5 min. Suggested topics will be uploaded in LMS during week 2No holding notes while presenting. Be creative as possibleYou will be called randomly so be prepared no second chance once your name is called. Please adhere to the rules!| 4| 24th September| * Lecture Chapter 6: Message Format * Lecture Chapter 7: Positive and neutral message| | * Tutorial 6 * Tutorial 7: Writing positive and neutral message * Revision for Mid-term| | 4| 29th September (Saturday)Time: TBAVenue: DetStar, Level 5, Block C| Mid- Term (15%) Chapter 1, 4, 14, 15| No replacement tests so attendance is compulsory!| | | 5| 1st October| * Lecture Chapter 8: Negative Message * Lecture Chapter 9: Persuasive Message | | * Tutorial 8 & 9 * 2nd slot- Presentation skills assessment (please refer above) | | 6| 8th October| * Lecture Chapter 10: Business Research and Report Writing * Lecture Chapter 11: Proposals, Business Plans and special reports * Lecture Chapter 12: Visual aids| Submission of Assignment during lecture only!| * Tutorial 10| | 7| 15th October| * Lecture Chapter 16: The Job Search and Resume * Lecture Chapter 17: Employment Communication and Interviewing * Comprehensive Exam (all chapters) | | * Tutorial 11 * Revision for final Exam | | 7| 20th October (Saturday) | Presentation by students (extra slots if unable to complete during tutorial classes) | | * | | 8| 22nd October| Final Examination Begins | | | |

Class Policy
(1) Attendance
* Students are to stick with the same tutorial class throughout the semester, as group/individual activities will be conducted during each tutorial. Group marks will be given during tutorials. * Punctuality of students is of foremost importance. The attendance sheet will be collected 15 minutes after the lecture/ tutorial’s starting time. Students who arrive after 15 minutes will not have their attendance taken. No excuses will be accepted as explanation for tardiness (Invalid excuses includes, but are not limited to:- previous lecture/tutorial ending late, unable to find parking on campus, shuttle bus was not on time) * The student will be marked as ‘Absent’ if the lecturer finds the errors such as, but not limited to these errors, in the attendance list at his/ her name:- * Duplicate signatures (signing in BOTH attendance sheets, instead of only ONE sheet), * Signature in the wrong column,

* Signature in more than one column per class, and
* Other signs of tampering of the attendance list that indicate attendance fraud was committed) * Absence from lectures, tutorials, and mid-term exam should be supported with Medical Certificates from Laurent Bleu Clinic or government hospitals...
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