Ky Court System Structure

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The Court System Structure – Kentucky State Courts

The Kentucky State courts consist of 5 levels of jurisdiction beginning at the District level. At this level there are 116 Judges and commissioners who conduct jury trials in most cases (The National Center for State Courts, 2001). The types of cases handled by them are exclusive traffic, juvenile, misdemeanors, domestic, and real property up to $4,000 and small claims up to $1500.

The next level is the Circuit Court having 95 judges and commissioners. They handle real property of $4,001 and up, interstate support, exclusive civil appeals, domestic relations exclusive felony's, Juvenile and criminal appeals. Along side of the Civil Court is the Family court handling domestic violence and relations and Juvenile cases.

Next is the Court of Appeals with 14 judges. They take cases of limited writ application, misdemeanor, and criminal appeal by right cases that are under a 20 year sentence, civil and limited administrative agency. They also take care of appeal by permission cases.

The Supreme Court has 7 members that work on the appeal by right felony, appeal by permission criminal, exclusive death penalty and writ application cases (The National Center for State Courts, 2001). The appeal by right felony cases include those that are over a 20 year sentence, and workman's compensation. The appeals by permission criminal cases include civil and administrative agency.

According to Edmonds (2003), the Federal court structure is very similar to the state court structure in how the cases and branches are set up. The major difference is "the jurisdiction of state courts are limited by their boundaries, the federal court system covers the entire nation" (Edmonds, 2003, para. 3).

Federal courts get laws when bills are passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate and signed by the President into law (Edmonds, 2003).

Edmonds, C.D. (2003). Federal Court...
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