Kwame Ansah

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (484 words) Published: April 25, 2013
that is our fault and we need to fix that. Sometimes we need to control our temper, because you

know we can get mad really easily and that turns into contort behavior and that leads to jail time.

That is why most people think to be on the safe side around black people by locking their car

doors and not letting their kids near us. Also people don’t seem to live near us because of this.

Let’s look back to the times of the Harlem Renaissance, the white people that lived in harlem

moved out when blacks started to over populate that part of New York. So back to one of the

reasons these stereotypes are taken so seriously this is because we take life in the most frivolous

way. For some reason we think when we get out of jail we can just go and get a job a nice house

and a beautiful wife. We don’t yet understand that if you go to school learn your lesson and do

good in life we would be so successful, and I’ am not saying that all blacks are bad. I am saying

that there is enough to say that we all are criminals and crooks, and the only people that can

change that is us. We need to work on us and I see us doing that. I see these groups that are

making black men auspicious characters and honestly we need more of these and I promise that

these stereotypes will disappear and people will only see the good side of us and we could use

some more of that.

There is more than one solution to this as you see I stated a way in the paragraph before

this. Another way is to help our black ladies. One way is to give them some groups to learn that

having kids out of wedlock is a bad thing. They need to know that we have faith in them and

there is nothing better than an educated black woman. So go to school then after that find

someone to love. You will get the most respect if you learn to live for yourself and don’t go

around trying to get pregnant. Something else black people could do is to turn their lives over to

God and...
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