Kurt Vonnegut: A Humorist and a Novelist

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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In American literature Vonnegut had been categorized as a black humorist, a novelist that encouraged readers to laugh at the absurdity of modern life. Kurt Vonnegut had been unafraid to peer into the destructive depth of our lives. since becoming publicly known in 1960s, Vonnegut with his soothsayer smirk had been recognized for mastering the most ordinary written form of language,with a bag full of blunt remarks. Described as an inimitable social satirist" while the New York Times anointed him the "laughing prophet of doom."

Vonnegut pulls us by our ends and comments on how we are all collectively guilty for numerous crimes against our fellow humans. All these tragic and valuable moral concerns came together as a masterpiece in the 1969 Novel Slaughterhouse-Five, which was written in only six weeks and was largely autobiographical, but also science fictional, Billy Pilgrim, the main character of Slaughterhouse was in a journey across significant moments of his life including a visit to the planet Tralfamadore and the bombing of Dresden. "World War II made war reputable because it was a just war," Vonnegut stated. "I wouldn't have missed it for anything. You know how many other just wars there have been? Not many. And the guys I served with became my brothers. If it weren't for World War II, I'd now be the garden editor of the Indianapolis News. I wouldn't have moved away."

What really occupied Vonnegut's time, for 13 years, his full commitment to painting and drawing. Memorable Vonnegut characters like Kilgore Trout and Billy Pilgrim and the Tralfamadorians are now framable visuals;Both his father and grandfather were Indiana painters and architects. being an artist was in his family’s blood. Vonnegut teamed up with Kentucky printmaker Joe Petro III of Origami Express to execute over 200 silk-screen images. Nearly 20 years have passed since Vonnegut published his last novel and till the day of his departure he received a flood of letters from his...
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