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11.0: Enterprise Architecture | General Discussion: An enterprise architecture (EA) establishes an agency-wide roadmap to meet mission goals through the optimal performance of core business processes and supporting information technology (IT) resources (e.g. systems, applications, databases, websites, and networks). Enterprise architectures are essential for evolving existing business processes and IT resources, as well as developing new processes and resources that provide maximum mission value. EA includes a sequencing plan for transitioning from the baseline business and technology operating environment to the target environment. | | 11.0 LO 1: Explain the multi-dimensional nature of how enterprise architecture describes and documents an enterprise, how architecture supports the organization’s mission, and why architectures evolve over time. | Competency 11.1-Enterprise architecture functions and governance | 11.1 LO 1: Identify and describe roles in an EA program, such as those for the Executive Sponsor, Chief Information Officer, Chief (or Enterprise) Architect, Solutions Architects, Data Architects, and Systems Architects. | | 11.1 LO 2: Describe how strategic planning is related to enterprise architecture and program visionary planning.| * Clinger-Cohen Act * E-Government Act * GPEA * FISMA * GPRA * OMB Circulars A-130 and A-11 * GAO * Federal CIO Council * OMB EA Assessment Framework 3.0| 11.1 LO 3: Describe and discuss impacts of key regulatory requirements and guidance as they relate to enterprise architecture. | | 11.1 LO 4: Articulate how an agency would interact with the Federal CIO Council’s EA Governance Subcommittee in implementing its enterprise architecture. | | 11.1 LO 5: Identify the enterprise architecture responsibilities of various agency managerial groups such as a Technical Review Board, Investment Review Board, and Executive Steering Committee and how they contribute to the agency’s...

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