Kuoni Travel

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Kuoni Travel
Kuoni travel was founded in 1906 by Alfred Kuoni in Switzerland and it has been a long haul tour operator since 1966. Kuoni travel offers dream holidays to over 70 countries in the world. These holidays are luxurious and tailor made to fit the needs and wants of the customers. They offer a range of holidays such as secluded tropical island getaways, once in a life time safari trips and amazing city breaks. They also offer family holidays, all inclusive, beach, golf, spa and wedding packages. Kuoni Travel has gained competitive advantage in the travel services sector using a wide variety of ways. “KUONI TRAVEL LTD has grown into not only the largest travel company in Switzerland, but also one of the leading travel organizations in the world”. This statement shows that Kuoni must have a large base of customers who are likely to be loyal and keep returning to enjoy the excellent service and products that Kuoni offers. Despite the economic downturn, the demand for holidays is still very high and in order for Kuoni to compete with the large range of travel agents available to customers they have “extended and improved their service to customers by increasing the number of tailor made package holidays available on their website.” An example of how they have done this is by improving their website. Their website searches the market for flights and accommodations which then combine to form a package holiday and this service was available for departure dates up to 90 days ahead. However they have now increased this period to 150 days to give customers more flexibility which has lead to a significant increase in the amount of holidays being sold. Another way in which they have gained a competitive advantage is by investing in and upgrading to the new Power6 550 power system. This resulted in Kuoni becoming the first business in the UK and Europe which uses this system. The system means they have more storage and CPW on their machines which can process...
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