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By | Feb. 2013
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I saw my brother stealing a piece of cake from the cupboard after the birthday party was over. It was late midnight 2:30pm. There was a piece of cake leftover. It was covered with a white frosty cream and a syrup of Hersey’s chocolate. With a jerk I stood there astoundingly. I had no idea what to do. If I complain this to my parents, then probably they will support my brother. So I commanded him to sleep. “ Bro! Its late midnight!!. Why don’t you sleep??? Tomorrow we gotta get up early in the morning. And leave this piece of cake for my friend” I demanded. “ I’m not sleepy sis! I’ll sit in the porch and enjoy the breeze outside.” my brother insisted. Anyways, I won’t stop him; let him carry on with his work. I hopped into my bed and covered the cozy bed sheet around me. “ YAY!!! I’m free now. I don’t have to worry about being caught. I can play any trick with this piece of cake!!” my brother bawled. “I have a great idea!!” He tiptoed into my bedroom serenely. He removed his shoes and gently dashed towards me. I was deeply snoring. My brother dipped the cream in his palms and coated the cream and the syrup in my face. He put the red, glistening cherry on my nose. I never noticed even a single movement that happened to me. I was in a deep sleep. “LOL!!! It looks waggish on her. She looks like a comedian. Now, wait and watch when she gets up in the morning. Ha ha…” he laughs. The next morning, I wake up and zoom toward the front porch. I see my parents giggling. My friends laugh out loud. Everyone gathered around me and advised me to check my face in the mirror. I sprinted towards the washroom and took a glance of my face. “AHHHHHHHHHHH….. Who did this??? What happened to my face? It’s so creepy!! I look like a clown. Ugh.. It’s really awkward. I know who did this to me, it’s surely my annoying brother” I shrieked. I approached in front of my brother with a wicked smile. I was infuriated with my brother’s attempt of fooling me. I started scolding him for doing...

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