Topics: Education, Technology, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Technology and technological devices are used eagerly anywhere that people want to learn.Moreover, new technologies inoviate day by day ,and use commonly.Although some people beleive that new technologies are detrimental for student's learning skills because of sexuality and rudeness, I beleive it's improve reaching and learning skiils, and is significant for student's growth of knowledge for mainly two reasons.

The first reason is that if new technologies are used consciosly, it is useful for learning and teaching because students can have many researches. According to Huffington Post Education, March 27 2011 article, Christine Greenhow, who was the principle investigation in a study, mentions " By understanding how students may be positively using these new technologies in their daily life and where the as-yet-unrecognized educational opportunities are, we can help make schools even more relevant ,connected, and meaningful to kids." This belief reveal that technologies are beneficial, when it's used appropriately.

The second reason is that new technologies are helpful to develop communication skills. Quite a few students use facebook, twitter and join many social groups on the internet. In the article, author focus on a study which is about assignments on twitter. This process increases students to compleate their assignment and home work. The journal of Educational Technology systems mention" tech Savvy administators are using blogs as a tool to keep parents, teacher, and students informed of things going on their school" Students complete their assignments, know many ideas about their classes and als they can diss with their friends.Their parents and schools can follow their works, so these improve students' communication skiils and that's why new technologies promote learning and teaching skiils.
In conclusion,according to article and my idea, new technologies are important because it's improve learning skiils. It's build up communication skiils...
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