Kudler's Human Resource Information System: Case Study

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  • Published : March 28, 2011
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Kudler’s Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) System is not efficient. Kudler does use Intuit which is one of the best payroll processing software to have. Intuit stores the basic information needed for payroll: personal information, pay rate, tax exemptions, hire date, seniority date and organizational information. In addition to Intuit storing information, the store manager keeps an Excel spreadsheet that displays job analyses, salary surveys and individual compensation decisions (HRIS System, n.d., para 6).

All this information is needed the purposes of processing payroll correctly and making sure Kudler is in line with the guidelines given the IRS. In order to change any information within Intuit, a written document must be provided to the accounting clerk. Then the clerk will manually enter the changes into the system. The clerk also maintains a paper file with the tax forms for each employee. This file contains all the original forms for the employee data. Workers’ compensation is managed by a third party company that keeps their own records decisions (HRIS System, n.d., para 6).

Employees must manually fill out timesheets each week. This paper document is then approved by the store manager and then is faxed to the accounting department decisions (HRIS System, n.d., para 6). Any corrections made to the timesheets must be approved by the employee’s direct supervisor and store manager. The store manager has the employee files for all employees that work in the store instead of having a central filing area. These paper documents are stored in a locked filing cabinet. The documents that are stored in this filing cabinet consist of: job application/resume, performance reviews, I-9 forms and any disciplinary memos or performance management issues decisions (HRIS System, n.d., para 6). These types of files should not all be contained in one area by the store manager.

In order for an employee to ask for time off they must speak with their managers...
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