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Kudler Legal Focus

By | Feb. 2012
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BSA/502 Business Systems II

Kudler Legal Focus
Kudler Fine Foods currently is not prepared, as a company, for major litigation. The company’s current stand is to notify the family lawyer whenever something occurs, being proactive, rather the preemptive. The downfall is that the company is not prepared for anything that could happen, and from a legal point of view, makes them an easier target for litigation. The company stands on documents prepared by companies they work with, and modify templates whenever necessary. Unfortunately, this position also coincides with being unprepared, and can mean disaster if the company does not properly understand the terms for both companies. Kudler must also be aware of current product liability which holds the retailer liable for all products that can or do harm the consumer. The company needs to implement safety practices for the different branches so that they can avoid litigation regarding product liability. Thus, overall, Kudler must change their current legal preparations, and be ready for anything that can take place. Kudler has to stay within the lines of the law pertaining to product liability, so the company must practice food safety within the different branches. This means that every item shipped to the company’s branches must be checked for quality and expiration dates. With the ideal inventory system, each item introduced to the company can be quickly added to the database with entry date, expiration date, and an ideal sell by date. Practicing good inventory record keeping is one of the most important steps that Kudler can take in product safety. The company branches should store food in an acceptable and clean environment to continue food safety procedures and avoiding product waste and products accidentally being sold to the customer due to bad storage conditions. The temperature of the facilities should be at optimum temperature and the facility should be kept clean and disinfected at all times. The...

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