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Kudler Foods System Paper

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Kudler Foods System Paper

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Kudler Foods Systems Paper

Errol F. Radford


16, March 2011

Mr. Thomas Maricle

The information system that was critical to Kudler Fine Foods to become a successful sole proprietorship retail grocer was the customer purchase tracking system. This allowed Kudler Fine Foods to creat the rewards card system that inherently launched the business into its now productive posture as one of the west coast premier high end specialty grocers.

This database system was created first with a database replicating server to gather pertinent information used to track the purchases made by patrons at the cash register, when the customers used their rewards card there information was maintained in a replicating database server The first order of business was to aggressively get a rewards card into each customers hand by having them fill out an application with basic personal data such as name, address, phone number, etc. After gathering this information. The information had to be added to a database. Then the store information such as employee information, hardware information such as cash register ID, handheld scanners and store identification information was added. This information for the most part was already available to add to the database. The key was to link the rewards card information to the purchase information and the purchase information to the rewards system database. By linking the rewards system it would be a lot easier to track specific customer shopping habits which would in turn enable the company to strategically determine by location and inventory what the individual stores and customers were doing in their perspective markets.

This new system would dramatically affect the overall business structure in a myriad of ways. Beginning with supply and management, this system would enable the buyers to manage in detail the specialty foods ordered by location. This would allow the store managers to project orders and gauge...

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