Kudler Fine Foods Security Report

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report
Team B
September 10, 2012
University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods new frequent shopper program’s security policy will protect the confidentiality and integrity of the customer’s and the company. When preparing the company’s security policy the first step is to determine the key elements to include in the policy that will support the goal of protecting the customer and company in the new frequent shopper program.

Security accountability will confirm who has the responsibility to manage the program, who will maintain the program, and what to expect from the general user. (Taylor, 2001) By determining the responsibilities and expectations of the staff, Kudler Fine Foods will create the foundation of the security policy.

Once the security accountability is realized and the expectations of the staff are understood, the next step will include the setup of the network service policies. Kudler Fine Foods network service will perform a risk analysis to determine what are the risks, and the level of each risk. Evaluate the current network and prepare a list describing the assets critical to the network security policy to include: * Workstations and servers

* Software
* Data
* Network
When the list is complete, it is important to identify threats that can affect each asset. Possible threats could include: * Breach of confidentiality
* Unauthorized access to data or hardware
* Denial of service
* Data corruption
* Natural disasters
* Social Engineering attacks
Providing a risk assessment with complete detail is extremely valuable to the network security policy (Singapore IT Security Techno Portal, 2002).
Incorporating a system policy within the frequent shopper program to include critical data from intrusion is an utmost important task of the information security policy. Providing policies on password-protection, customer database, firewalls,...
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