Kudler Fine Foods Organizational Behavior

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  • Published : June 8, 2008
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Kudler Fine Foods
The organizational structure at Kudler Fine Foods (“Kudler”) is both of vertical and horizontal dimensions. Kudler is a vertical dimension, because there are different levels within the organization. For example, the President makes the important decisions, like where Kudler will be heading to and how. There are also directors and managers that supervise different departments of the company. Directors and managers take responsibility for all the small decisions and for the day by day operations. Kudler is divided into different departments that with different functions. For example, the finance department is responsible for the accounting and financial statements that measure the performance and monitors the progress of the company. The operations department is responsible for providing the necessary support for Kudler’s customers; like, maintaining the products fresh and removing the old product from the shelves. The human resources department is responsible for fulfilling the planning and strategizing, organizing function of management. Specifically, the Director of Human Resources is responsible for forecasting employment needs. Further, Kathy’s involvement in all aspects of the company resembles a horizontal organization structure. In other words, Kudler’s organizational structure can easily have a problem of unity command, because Kathy (President) is not capable to delegating responsibility to her managers. Kathy is often working with low level employees, and giving them directions that often conflict with the given by their direct supervisor. Kathy’s micromanagement of Kudler causes confusion for the employees. Thus, it can be easily assumed that Kudler works under a horizontal organizational structure. Kuddler works with a centralization organizational structure. This structure is founded on the decisions and vision of Kathy Kudler. The department managers have their own responsibility and are able to make decisions as long...
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