Kudler Fine Foods Network Analysis

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Kudler Fine Foods SR-kf-10 – Network Analysis
Analysis – The basis of service request SR-kf-10, submitted by Yvonne Reynolds, is a thorough analysis of current network infrastructure that should result in documentation outlining current network reliability and uptime, overall performance, topology, protocols, data integrity and security, and overall network security. The analysis effort will be directed toward determining if performance, specifically at checkout, can be improved and, if not, outlining and documenting the requirements and strategy necessary to improve performance, security, and stability. A critical component of the success of this effort is the structure and expertise of the project and analysis team, and the reporting relationship that exists between the proposed team and Kudler Fine Foods management. Making concessions on the structure and expertise of the project team or not facilitating an effective relationship with stakeholders has proven debilitating to myriad projects, some of which many associated with the network analysis effort are doubtless aware. The roles and expertise necessary to successfully address the requirements of SR-kf-10 are outlined herein. Project Manager - although many believe experienced and knowledgeable technical resources are key to most advance technology projects, an effective project manager is as often the unsung hero of many successful efforts. In regard to network analysis, an effective project manager must possess a solid, but not necessarily expert, understanding of network infrastructure, topology, and security. More important than actual technical knowledge is the project manager’s ability to organize complex tasks, provide critical direction to technical resources, create, update, and manage the project plan, manage escalations, and facilitate effective relationships with management and stakeholders. The network analysis project manager should have several successful projects in their past to refer to,...
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