Kudler Fine Foods Functional Area Interrelationships

Topics: Mona Lisa, Customer, Strategic planning Pages: 4 (856 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Conceptualizing a Business
Lisa M. Whyte
University of Phoenix Online
BUS /475 Scott Romeo
November 30, 2011

Mission Statement

The goal of a mission statement is for an organization to support the plans of the business by declaring the intentions of the organization that would be in relation to the product, and service offered. As well as to target the type of customers desired, and the various aspects of the business that makes their business unique from their competitors. My business would be a family based restaurant with my own recipes, named Mona Lisa’s. At Mona Lisa’s we would ensure that each customer leaves satisfied with the products provided, and the service given. Our employees who are mostly family because we are a family oriented restaurant, are well trained to know with what, and how our products are prepared, minus our secret ingredients. The staff is personable, outgoing, and aim to please the customers with fast, and friendly service. The experience a customer would acquire while dining in at Mona Lisa’s leaves them satisfied at the end of their meal with a desire to return again for the same friendly service, and pleasant staff.

Vision Statement

An organization’s vision statement explains the company’s desire for the business’s future growth. The future prediction of...
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