Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

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  • Published : January 12, 2011
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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
Kudler Fine foods should have a frequent shopper program that will be a user friendly tool while helping customers while shopping. Not only will the frequent shopper program be easier for customer while shopping but it will also offer many discounts and club specials. Many considerations should be taken into effect when developing a frequent shopper program. Many companies offer different rewards for customers that are involved in the frequent shopper program. Some programs include special discounts for customers on merchandise, activities for members and over being a member. While developing the frequent shopper program, it is important to include, the legal ethical and security about the program. Customers want to enjoy the freedom of using the shopper program to its full ability without worrying about any issues they might encounter. While having a shopper program it is important to have a reward program that rewards it shoppers within the company. Kudler Fine Foods promotes products that cater to many people. Installing a good Frequent Shopper program will have help increase profit and bring more customers. Kuddler Fine foods have to consider several legal considerations in the development of its Shopper program. Electronic contractions for online business transaction are legally bound all over the world. With a Frequent shopper program Kuddler Fine foods can keep track of purchases made by the customer so the customer can accumulate point. And with those points the customer can purchase in store items with these points. Weekly giveaways are a way to keep customers interested in returning while earning points.

According to (Shah's, N/A) Nilesh any loyalty program should be a logical and reasonable extension of the business, rather than an attachment any service provider can offer. Many programs have pitfalls and can never recover its previous customers. Many reward programs treat all customers alike. It is...
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