Kudler Fine Foods Design

Topics: Website, Grocery store, Web design Pages: 4 (1014 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Kudler Fine Food Setup Design Process

Linda Lonkert, Wilson Naneng


Linda Greene

Kudler Fine Food Setup Design Process


In this paper we will evaluate the Kudler website and make some recommend some improvements. Kudler Fine Foods website has strengths and weaknesses and we will evaluate the existing site and purposes improvements for redesigns while building on the strengths of the current sites. The following specifically addressed design are the style and artistic quality used on the website, navigation of the site, marketing strategy, performance of the whole site, e-commerce capabilities, the web community as a whole, and layout of the site.

Review of Current Site

The current site has some basic information that a client or prespective client would want to know; the store hours, location of the stores, departments within the store, and varity of the items and goods located in the stores. The site uses few graphics and plain text, each page and sub pages are all uniformly the same and built in HTML. There is no CSS detected so each individual page will have to have its own design changes. Technology should be implemented so from this point forward any updates or changes will be uniform on all pages and the change propagated down through the whole site.

The more you have to look at the way the current site it setup for the internet. There is not much development in the users’ interactivity and ability to purchase products. The current website gives a good view of what they are about as a company. The current website does not go into detail what the company can or can’t do for the customers who are going to be going to purchase or order food from the company. What we need to do is work on the best approach of getting the current clients and future clients attentions. While we are going to be doing the development of their website we will need to speak to their Marketing team in how to approach the...
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