Kudler Fine Foods Data Table Analysis

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Kudler Fine Foods Data Table Analysis
Luis Gameros
ACC 542
November 26, 2012
Jose L. Hernandez

Kudler Fine Foods Data Table Analysis
Kathy Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods in 1998 and became a fast growing company. The company financial infrastructure are on Microsoft Access database solution for tracking inventory, items, customers, online orders, and suppliers. Kudler main product line are quality perishable and tracking of proper inventory must be done daily. The assessment of KFF that will evaluate current database tables structures to provide the point of view from an accounting standpoint and to provide feedback and requirements for improvements. Pivot Tables and Entity Relationship diagram can provide new processes for Kudler’s to make improved business decision. With any database design infrastructure data tables will provide the accounting elements to evaluate the accounting viewpoint. For Kudler to have success, information provided by the analysis of the data tables will determine how much inventory should be available and to establish a restocking point for the end user. Database design will look at certain aspects of the companies financial data that will be tracked by department, general ledger code, items, location, and transaction totals. Kudler’s objective is to maximize the presentation of financial data that can be visualized by the company and consumers. The use of data tables to store information if created properly can give the user information that can be useful to determine certain cost related to location, department, and inventory items. Inventory can be accounted by presenting the cost of the item, on hand quantity, and calculating average cost. The hierarchy flow of information can be presented by creating Entity relationship diagram that will allow any end users to see the process of data flow and to understand the importance of a structured database. There are four widely used symbols that enable ERD to...
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