Kudler Fine Foods Business Strategy

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Business Strategy – Kudler Fine Foods
Alicia Walker
January 10, 2011
Joseph Bucci

Business Strategy – Kudler Fine Foods
As companies grow a build customers bases and increase services to meet these demands there is a need to enhance information technologies to continually “Strategic management involves major decisions, business choices and actions that chart the course of the entire enterprise” (Gomez-Mejia et al., p 156). The undertaking of strategic planning is usually the responsibility of executive staff of a company and in this case consists mainly of owner Kathy Kudler. She, in fact hired an intern to help her to create Kudler Fine Food strategic plan. Kudler Fine Foods focus is to enhance and grow utilizing the initial concepts of the gourmet food store. Because her concepts consists of overall control of customer service, hiring of company staff and ordering of products the growth is emanate, but a strategic plans is necessary in order to meet the changes in business needs. This paper provides and analysis of Kudler Fine Foods strategic management plan, and the impacts it has pertaining to technology, customer services and busy growth opportunities, and impacts both negative and positive of internal and external entities on the success of Kudler Fine Foods future goals and objectives.

Technology is a vital component of the majority today’s companies, and there is some form of information technology (IT). IT is a part of Kathy Kudler’s strategic plan. Part of this technological enhancement is the online catering and e-commerce capabilities, so that even if customers are not in the area of a store there is still the ability to purchase online the products desired (Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Portal Strategic Plan, 2003, p. 15). There is a link on the new website that was developed in by 2004, but newly updated website has even more additional enhancements effective 2009. The technological enhancements...
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