Kudler Fine Foods Analysis

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Analysis of the Kudler Fine Foods Internet Site Analysis

Kudler Fine Food Internet Site at the home page provide hours, location, and different links to connect to other pages on the web site like: Bakery, Meat & Seafood, Produce, Cheese & Dairy, and Wine. Analyzing Kudler Fine Food from a consumer perspective, Kudler Fine Food Internet Site is very user friendly, easy to navigate through, and there are no broken links on the web page, but the information that is provided on Kudler Internet site is very general. Analyzing and reviewing Kudler Fine Food from a consumer standpoint, there need more information that talks in depth more about their different selections of wine with a price list. Reviewing the Cheese and Dairy section, Kudler need talk more about their product line. Kudler states that they have a complete line of the finest diary, which included Irish butter and organic milk, and offer over 250 varieties of cheese. There need to be a complete list of diary products and a list or more information on the 250 varieties of cheese so consumers can have a general idea of what type of diary and cheese Kudler Fine Food offer if they would like to shop there. Reviewing the Produce section, this section talk in general about 350 fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, with 16 different varieties of apples, but analyzing this section from a consumer point-of-view, I would like to know more detail about their 16 different type of apples, their 350 fresh fruit, vegetables, herb and spices before I shop there. It just not enough information if Kudler Fine Food is trying to attract customers to there web site or to visit one of their store location. The Meat & Seafood section need to talk more about their meat and seafood that is produce in the store to give the customers more of an idea and a list of all the variety of poultry and local seafood that they offer. Analyzing the Bakery section, the only I can see is that they need to advertise more pictures of...
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