Kubler-Ross and Job from the Bible

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Everyone at some point in life grieve over the loss of someone or something special in their life. The loved one can be a parent, child, friend, relationship, pregnancy or a pet. There are also times when people grieve over their failing health, loss of job, houses, finances, and even loss of limbs. Such people should not be ignored. At times people tend to deny grieving to avoid pain but it is healthy to accept the loss and go through the grieving process. According to Kubler-Ross, Grieving process follows a natural cycle of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance (Kübler-Ross, 1969). Hoping that with these stages making us better equipped to cope with life and loss. In the Bible, Job a wealthy man experiences grief and copes with life and loss. Although grief is a universal human experience, your response to grief might be highly individual (Creagan, n.d). This paper compares and contrast the suffering of Job in relation to the framework of the grieving stages of Kubler-Ross and Hinduism; the relation of Joy in the process of the grieving process and personal view on this research. Grieving stages of Kubler-Ross and the suffering of Job

Job was a man known for his goodness, faithfulness and his obedience to God. He was wealthy and a well respected man. God was aware of Job’s obedience and God permitted Satan to test Job. Satan began to torment Job and brought about tragedy in his life by taking away his wealth, health, children, friends and also made his wife to turn against him. Job did not understand why all these were happening to him but he continued to keep his faith on God. Though his wife and friends told him to curse God, Job did not. Instead Job replied, “Shall we not accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?” (Job 2:10). When job heard of the death of his children, he tore his garment and shaved his head and mourned the death of his children. According to Kubler-Ross, instead of being in the state...
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