Kubler Ross

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Kubler Ross
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ theory is about the reactions of impending death. She studied 200 patients who were terminally ill to see how they coped with the situation of them not having that long to live. She figured out that there were five stages people went through when they find out that they are going to die soon. The stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. People do not always go through all the stages before they die. Some may only stay in one of the stages. This might be because their illness takes them away before they have time to continue on to a different illness, or it could be because of their personality. Even the nicest and genuine of people will still go through the anger stage. Usually people who are dying will start to separate and isolate themselves from others to try and make it easier for them to pass away. Usually in the acceptance stage people start to get calmer knowing that they are going to die, they feel as if it will be peaceful. In the bargaining stage people usually try to bargain with God and try to change their attitude. They will promise things to try and get a better fate. In the denial stage, people tend to think that it can’t happen to them, that it is not possible. They try not to believe what the doctor is telling them and continue to live their lives as before. Even the most accepting people still think of the possibility that they may live.
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