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1.1 Introduction:

Kuakata is one of the most gorgeous places of Bangladesh. Locally it is called the “Shagar Kannaya”, means the daughter of the ocean. Truly it is a virgin beach. Nature has festooned it with series of coconut trees, sandy beach and the blue complexion of water. Adventurous people can easily get lost in themselves with the treasures of nature. The rising and the setting of the crimson sun in a tranquil environment, is a stunning scene of this beach, which one never can miss. Perhaps it has made the “Kuakata” beach unique.

1.2 A brief history:
A long time ago (around 1784) Barmiest King "Bodofoa" illegally took position at "Arakan", on the home land of Rakhains and started to kill them, so many of them started to leave their homeland to save their lives. A part of them came in "Rangabali" Island in Galachipa by boat. A big part of them started to live at Kuakata and Kolapara. The name “Kuakata” has come from bangle word “KUA” and “KATA”, which means digging up wells. The wells were dug by the early “Rakhains” on the sea shore, in order to preserve drinking water. Digging up the wells was part of their tradition. So gradually the place has come to known as “Kuakata”. There are two 200 years old wells, one is “KUA” and another is “KATA”. Another myth tells that, that’s how the place has been named “Kuakata”.

1.3 Location:
Kuakata is located in Latachapli union under Kalapara Police Station of Patuakhali district. It is 70 km from Patuakhali district headquarters and 320 km from Dhaka.

Latitude| 21.8167| Longitude| 90.1167| Altitude (feet)| 6| Lat (DMS)| 21° 49' 0N| Long (DMS)| 90° 7' 0E| Altitude (meters)| 1| | Time zone (est)| | | | |

1.4 Size and Population:

Kuakata is 30 km in length and 6 km in breadth. It has a population about 21047. The coastal side of this particular are is simultaneously sloped to the sea bed and has a zigzag shape.


2.1 Place of tranquility:

Kuakata really is a place of peace and serenity. Escaping from the hassle of the city life people can find themselves in a sudden tranquility. Here they can enjoy the scene of the rising and the falling sun in a crimson environment. It is truly a beauty that how the sun rise from the ocean and again goes down with glory. Besides this, the white sand by the blue water of the bay surely will create cozy feelings.

Kuakata is a very nice place for night bath in the sea. The tides are calm and gentle comparing to Cox’s Bazar. People can walk into the sea in distant without any fear. Empty tires can be hired to float on the water. It is really an amazing scene to see the stars at night while floating. The feelings of something heavenly will be found. It is worth to imagine the scene of the lying stars while floating.

2.2 The only place to see both the Sunrise and the Sunset:

It is the only place in Bangladesh where both the sunset and the sunrise can be seen. It is the unique feature of this particular place. Only Japan has this opportunity in the world. The best time to see the sunrise is after “Fazar”. The scene is really astonishing in the Fazar time, while the eastern side of the sky contains violet and reddish water color like complexion. The scene is almost artless! Bikes can be hired, if someone wills to see to the sunrise early in the morning as the most appropriate place is 9 km away from the hotels. People can book the bikes in the previous night for that.

2.3 Gardens:

* Coconut Garden
There are more things to enjoy. One easily can get lost in the garden of coconut trees. It is like a pleasure to walk through the series of...
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