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Assignment – Front Cover

Students are required to use the enclosed Assignment Front Cover when submitting assignment. This is a MANDATORY requirement and the College will not accept any assignment received without the attached Assignment Front Cover. Kindly ensure that the Assignment Front Cover is not blocked by anything. Any fanciful cover that you would like to enclose should be placed after the Assignment Front Cover. Copies of the Assignment Front Cover are available at the information counter at the respective College in which you are studying. Kindly ensure that all details requested for on the front cover are completed and that the recipient of your assignment counter signs, acknowledging receipt. Remember to keep a copy of the assignment cover sheet as proof of submission.

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur |

Pendidikan Moral / Moral Education




Masalah sosial kian menjadi sejak akhir-akhir ini. Adakah permasalahan ini akan mempengaruhi pembangunan negara ? Bincangkan.


Executive Summary
Mengetahui masalah sosial pada hari ini dan macam mana untuk mengatasi masalah ini supaya tidak mempengaruhi pembangunan negara dan siapa yang membayar tanggungjawab atas masalah itu.

Student Particulars

Name| | Joanne Sek Wai Yee |
IC Number| | 931129-14-5784|
Student Number| | SC-KL-0036788|
Course| | Diploma in Marketing |
Subject Title| | Pendidikan Moral / Moral Education |
Subject Code| | MPW 1133|
Mode of Study| | Full-Time Part-Time Independent Learning E-Learning| Name of Lecturer| | Noor Azzanmy binti Jamaludin |
Due Date| | 16-05-2012|
College| | SEGi Kuala Lumpur |
Declaration by student:I, Joanne Sek Wai Yee , hereby declare that the attached assignment is my own work and understand that if I am suspected of plagiarism or another form of cheating, my work will be referred to the Programme Director who may, as a result recommend to the Examinations Board that my enrolment in the programme be discontinued.Acknowledgement of receipt_________________________Date ReceivedSignature of Receiving Officer|

Assignment Allocation of Marks
No.| Description of criteria adopted that will be used for the assessment of the assignment| Weightings| Marks Allotted by Lecturer| 1.| Relevance of content to assignment-Executive Summary| 10%| | 2. | Clear explanation of issues, which are relevant for the assignment: i. Relevance of information and material; ii. Depth and quality of analysis; iii. Identification and framing of issues and assumptions made.| 20%| | 3.| Application of the relevant principles to the issue: i. Understanding of principles, theories and techniques; ii. Appropriateness and depth of research; iii. Analytical skills; iv. Application skills.| 40%| | 4.| Quality of recommendations relating to problem: i. Originality of idea and approach; ii. Recommendations.| 20%| | 5.| Presentation: i. Appropriate citation and references; ii. Style and readability; iii. Overall presentation.| 10%| | | Total| 100%| |

Feedback on Assignment:


__________________Noor Azzanmy binti Jamaludin
DateLecturer’s Name

Pada abad ini,terdapat banyak masalah yang menimbulkan negara mengatasi masalah dalam pembangunaan negara disebabkan kekurangan perhatian oleh ibu bapa dan kerajaan terhadap remaja atau anak mereka. Oleh sebab itu, masalah social...
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