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Chapter Preview Introduction General Literature Related to Total Environmental Education Environnrent: Its Protection and Conservation Studies on Environmental Education Environmental Education Initiatives in India and some Asian countreis Environment-lin ked curriculum

Out-of-Classroom Activities as Learning Experience Unique Roll of Botanic Gardens in Conserving the Environment Roll of Botanic Gardens and Environmental Education

Environmental Appraoch to Learning Biology
Summary of the Literature Review


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2.1.0 Chapter Preview
Understandably there has been a significant quantum of research work done in the disciplinc of education and related issues, but comparatively research attempts are less on the educational potential of the environment - natural and built-in.

Within these limitations, this chapter makes a humble attempt to present a brief review of the existing relevant literature on the status of environmental education in the international, national and Kerala based research studies in the primary-and secondary -schools. This chapter also reveals the studies related to the role of botanic gardens in Environmental Education in the universities and schools all over the world. The chapter is closed with the major outcomes of the review which

converge towards the need and relevance of the present research attempt.

2.1.1 Introduction
The emergence of the conservation of the environment along with the developmental activities poses a serious challenge to the policy makers as well as the common man. It is now generally recognised that knowledge is the first step

towards protection of the environment and so attempts are made to explore ways to sensitise our young, citizens about our environment. Several programmes to

Prepared by BeeHive Digital Concepts Cochin for Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam

develop a sense of responsibility and solidarity which will guarantee the conservation and improvement of the environment, wcre undertaken especially in developed countries. In the developing and third world countries such programmes are comparatively limited for want of sufficient environmen t-related research studies.

The investigator likes to review the literature and studies with a veiw to ascertaining

whether environmental education in study would be a base for the research in environmental problems that India in facing today. Anothcr major bottleneck as far

as the biodiversity conservation is concernetl, is the lack of coherent programmes to extend the teaching and learning activities into immediate environment of the pupils beyond the classroom. Most of the studies throughout the wor1,d are mainly concentrated on botanic gardens, parks and zoos but they are very few in India.

Not withstanding t hesc limitations, some appreciable quantum of reference materials were collected as a support for the present research programme. The environmental / ecological education includes different aspects such as: (1) Environmental hazards


Need for conservation Role of education in conservation: Target group and strategies for implementation of environmental education


Conservation of biodiversity Measures for conservation of biodiversity Role of out of school activities in conservation Role of botanical gardens i n conservation and environmental



Prepared by BeeHive Digital Concepts Cochin for Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam

The investigator is concentrating in this literature review on those aspects of environmental education which are directly relevant and necessary for the present

research programme. These areas / aspects are
General literature related to total environmental education.

Out of school approach: The present...
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