Ksf of Ebay

Topics: Caveat emptor, First-mover advantage, Auction Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: April 29, 2008
Key Success Factors: The factors that are a necessary condition for success in a given market.

KEY SUCCESS FACTORS (KSFs) spell difference between
oProfit & loss
oCompetitive success or failure
oSpecific skill or talent
oCompetitive capability
oSomething a firm must do to satisfy customers
eBay KSF:
1.A niche and pioneer player in the internet market, enjoying first mover advantage. 2.Closest competitor is Amazon.com; nevertheless, the firm's cumulative profits remain negative since inception. 3.eBay’s revenue generated through listing service, whether or not a successful transaction occurs. 4.Sustenance, growth and profits through global diversification. 5.PayPal, a secured online payment system was acquired by eBay, which account for more than 50% of payments at eBay. 6.PayPal threw Citibank’s C2IT and Yahoo’s PayDirect out of business by 2004; Thus generating more profits per transaction. 7.Continuous upgrade and adaptation to technological and security needs has made a eBay a safer and trusted “market place”. 8.A powerful combination of commerce, communication and community that enhances traditional buying and selling. 9.A virtual market that is truly real, eBay feature items ranging from $0.99 to $4.0 Millions. 10.Flexibility in selling modes gives competitive advantages; eBay features conventional bidding, Dutch auction and fixed-rate method. 11. “Caveat Emptor” Let buyer beware has been made easy by eBay. There are 6 billion feedback featured on their website, making buyers informed and secure. 12.Approximately 6.7 million listings are added per day. eBay users trade in more than 50,000 categories. Literally making eBay a metamarket. 13.eBay is located and operated in 34 countries; and 54 percent of eBay’s business comes from International locations, making it less susceptible to varying economic conditions in home(USA) or a particular country. 14....
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