Kronos Essay: Employee Management

Topics: Trait theory, Psychology, Personality psychology Pages: 4 (1201 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Travis Hoffmann
Organization Behavior 330
Kronos Case
Hiring effective employees is perhaps the greatest challenge both upstart and mature businesses face. Unlike a new server, policy, or business strategy, employees come with a host of ideas, personalities, abilities, and quirks of their own. In a perfect world, these traits help build the value of the business. However, in the real world often as not they conflict and contrast with both the employers goals as well as employees around them. So how can an organization successfully hire candidates that have traits which promote business goals, and avoid hiring those that don’t? When faced with this question, many major corporations turn to Kronos, a business based out of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Kronos attempts to help solve this dilemma through a proprietary test which evaluates applicants’ personality.

When designing and implementing such a test, a few questions must first be asked. What sort of personality is the organization looking for in a candidate? How should the test score the individual, and what score is desirable? What weaknesses does the test posess? Kronos has attempted to answer these questions with their current implementation. This document will evaluate both the ramifications of such questions, as well as Kronos effectiveness at dealing with these questions.

Personality is defined as ‘the structures and propensities inside people that explain their characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior’. From an organizations perspective, there are three keys here: thought, emotion, and behavior. All three of these can have significant impacts on the output of an individual inside an organization. However, this definition is a bit imprecise in its current format. Thus behavioral psychologists break personality into five dimensions known as ‘the big five’: conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and extraversion.

Of these factors, conscientiousness is...
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