Kristin Lardner's Case Study

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Kristin Lardner’s Case Study
MPA 5400
Public Administration Theory

There are two main theories in public administration that apply to Kristin Larnder’s case study. They are the bureaucracy theory and the client responsiveness theory. In this paper these theories will be discussed in detail as to how they relate to public administration theory. The internal and external environment relationships of Kristin’s case will also be discussed. Public administration affected this case study greatly and there were many factors that could have been prevented, but instead led to Kristin’s murder. There are many theories that ultimately should have been applied to Kristin’s case study that could have prevented her murder.

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Kristin Lardner’s Case Study4
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This case study is about a young lady that was stalked by her boyfriend, Michael Cartier. She went to the police and to court for a restraining order, but the judicial system let her down. Kristin was violently murdered in broad daylight in the middle of the street, because public administrators and the judicial system failed Kristin. In this paper there will be discussions of public administration theories of why they worked or they did not work. There will also be many implementations and recommendations for the public administrators and the judicial system that could have prevented Kristin’s death. Summary of Case Study

Kristin Lardner’s case study is a personal story told by Kristin’s father. Kristin was a 21 year old who was brutally murdered on May 30, 1992. She was a bright, charismatic young lady who had the world at her feet. She was an aspiring artist and planned to travel the world, but this all ended when Kristin was murdered. Kristin met a young man that worked as a bouncer at a night club, named Michael Cartier. Kristin and Michael began dating and everything was great in the beginning. As the weeks passed by Michael slowly began to show a different side of his personality. He seemed aggressive and angry all the time and finally one night he became violent on April 16. He knocked Kristin to the ground, began kicking her and yelling at her that he was going to kill her. Ever since that night Kristin refused to see Michael Cartier, and this is when he began stalking Kristin. Stalking is a deliberate behavior that threatens the safety of an individual and the outcome is fear (Miller, 2001). Cartier would call her 10 times a day and threaten her not to go to the police. Somehow Kristin convinced him to go to an educational program for abusive men, called Emerge. Cartier went, but was asked if he was on probation. Cartier answered yes and then realized that his probation officer would be called and he would be in major trouble. Cartier was already on probation for abusing another woman named Rose Ryan, so he decided to leave the program (Stillman, 2010). Cartier had a very disturbing childhood and this caused him to abuse women. Ryan met Cartier in the summer of 1990. Things were going great between Ryan and Cartier and then 2 months into the relationship Cartier changed. Ryan got upset with Cartier for throwing her into a barrel and she walked away from him. He then began punching her in the head. Cartier begged for Ryan’s forgiveness, but Ryan never forgot. She watched Cartier abuse a kitten and later in the relationship he killed the kitten by throwing it out of the fourth story of his apartment building. Cartier was arrested that night and he was already on probation, he pleaded guilty to malicious destruction and the charges of animal cruelty were dropped. The court put him back on the streets. Cartier has always abused animals. When he was 5 he pulled his pet rabbit’s legs out of socket, then Michael’s mother sent him away for good at age 7. He was abused very badly as a child, as a...
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