Kristen Cookie Company

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Assignment 1
Operations Management I
Kristen’s Cookie Company (A1)

Section No.| 5|
Group No.| AA1|
Total Marks| 50|
Marks Obtained| |

Sr. No.| Name of Students| Roll No|
1| Ameya Prakash Deopujari| 12506|
2| Mayank Jhawar| 12527|
3| Nitya Agarwal| 12532|
4| Pawanjot Singh Makkar| 12535|
5| Radhika Sharma| 12540|

1 - How long will it take you to fill an order?

Ans - Total time taken for a 1 dozen order is 26 minutes as per below table. Activity Involved| Cycle Time| Cumulative time|
Order Entry| 0 minute| 0 minute|
Washing & mixing| 6 minutes| 6 minutes|
Spooning| 2 minutes| 8 minutes|
Oven set up| 1 minute| 9 minutes|
Bake cookies| 9 minutes| 18 minutes|
Remove cookies| 0 minute| 18 minutes|
Cool cookies| 5 minutes| 23 minutes|
Pack cookies| 2 minutes| 25 minutes|
Accept payment| 1 minute| 26 minutes|

2 - How many orders can you fill in a night, assuming you are open four hours each night?

Ans - Time taken for preparation of a single order can be divided into 3 parts:

Therefore if the tray is ready for the second order (pre baking process) while the first order is in the oven for baking, it would save 8 minutes of time for every subsequent order. When the first order is in process in baking, the pre baking session for the second order will take place for 8 minutes, thus these 8 minutes have been saved. Every order has to undergo both baking and post-baking processes taking 18 (10+8) minutes. But when the first order is in post baking session (taking 8 minutes) then during the 8 minutes second order can be baked saving 8 minutes. 2 minutes will be consumed by second order only as baking process in total takes 10 minutes. Then post baking process of second order will take 8 minutes more. So the second order in total takes 10 (8+2) minutes extra. Now when the second order is in baking then third order can be prepared for pre baking process thus saving 8 minutes again. As second order is in post baking process for 8 minutes, then third order can be baked thus saving 8 minutes. 2 minutes extra will be consumed by third order for baking process. 8 minutes will be consumed then for the post baking process. So the third order will take 10 minutes extra for total processing. Therefore every subsequent order will take 10 minutes only for complete process. Therefore time taken for the preparation of 'additional x' orders of 1 dozen would be: (26 + 10x) minutes

Thus if business operates for maximum of 4 hours (i.e. 240 minutes) the maximum no: of orders Kristen Cookie Company can take in 1 day would be 22 dozens as per table below.

So from above table it is clear that after the first dozen every subsequent dozen will take 10 minutes only. So 22 dozens taking a total of 236 minutes can be prepared in 4 hours of business.

3 - How much of your own and your roommate’s valuable time will it take to fill each order? Ans – For my roommate time taken to fill each order is:-

For me first dozen will take time as per below:-

For second & third dozen, time taken will be 2 minutes only as mixing done for the first dozen will be available for second & third dozen also. For the fourth dozen, time taken will be again 8 minutes. This trend will continue for every 3rd order after the first order of one dozen.

4 - Because your baking trays can hold exactly one dozen cookies, you will produce and sell cookies by the dozen. Should you give any discount for people who order two dozen cookies, three dozen cookies or more? If so, how much? Will it take you any longer to fill a two-dozen cookies order than one–dozen cookies order? Ans – For 1 dozen order time taken:-

Self – 8 minutes
Roommate – 4 minutes
Total – 12 minutes
For a 2 dozen order time taken:-
Self – 6(washing & mixing) + 4(spooning 2 times) = 10 minutes Roommate – 2 minutes (Oven set up 2 times) + 4 minutes (Pack cookies 2 times) + 1 minute...
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