"Krista" by Pablo Baen Santos Critique

Topics: Philippines, People Power Revolution, Ferdinand Marcos Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: January 12, 2013

Pablo Baen Santos created the artwork, Krista. It was created in the movement of Social Realism. This artwork is oil on canvas painting which shows a female whose mouth is wrapped with a barbed wire and clenching her fists. At the back of the female subject, the Philippine flag and a lot of people are present. The female and the people can be observed to be clearly in agony and pain. It was like torturing the female and the people were likely to be dead by observation. The colors used were simple, not too pale, and not too bright and associated with a shade of color black. The lines are mostly curvy and some have edges; a lot of irregular shapes were used to form the image of the humans and the flag. The lighting saturation was just enough to visualize the painting. The different elements used in this painting are color, line, shape, form and texture. The color used for the subject is mainly brown, a warm neutral color, extensively found in living things. It creates the wholesomeness and dullness of the painting. In addition, there are also shades of primary colors and white at the back of the female. The choice of color is good; it has shown a good picture of the painting by its color. Due to the blending of black color in all parts, the painting appears natural and firm. The diagonal lines are used to create a sense of feeling, specifically agony, and movement. The combination of lines makes up the irregular shapes of humans and the flag. A feeling of right texture is attained as the artist conveys the resemblance of humans in pain. The Philippine flag is a symbol where the case is evident, in the Philippines. The group of people who are most likely Filipinos shows rebellion and oppression. And the female subject is likely to be the situation of the Philippines. The artist is trying to renounce the happening in the Philippines through art. As I saw this art piece, I was struck in the heart of how real...
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