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First, I will discuss the environment of Krispy Kreme and my analysis as to what led to the company’s position in 2004. Second, I will discuss the financial health and current condition based upon the historical income statements and balance sheets. Third, I will discuss the financial ratios in relation to the financial statements. Fourth, I will discuss if Krispy Kreme was financially healthy at the end of 2004. Fifth, I will discuss my assessment of Krispy Kreme’s health and why I think the stock price dropped by 80% between 2003 and 2004. Sixth, I will discuss why I think the market reacted so negatively to the disclosures about adverse results and the revelations in the Wall Street Journal regarding the firm’s accounting methods for the franchise rights. Lastly, I will provide my recommendations for turning around Krispy Kreme Doughnuts’ business.


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts started small by selling directly to grocery stores. Their doughnuts became so popular they began selling directly to customers. They sold a delicious doughnut and a viewing experience. When Beatrice Foods bought the company, her business model did not succeed because it expanded the product line in the opposite direction of what consumers wanted and she inputted cheap ingredients into a popular recipe which sacrificed taste. When she sold the company to the group of franchisees, it pushed the company back into a positive direction by bringing back the original recipe. Krispy Kreme was debt-free by 1989 and their IPO left them with a market capitalization of nearly $500 million in 2000. They appeared to be on the right track but, it seemed they were expanding too rapidly. They allowed franchisees to place their stores in locations that were not favorable, resulting in the franchises not doing well enough and owing Krispy Kreme Doughnuts millions. Krispy Kreme relied on the income from franchised stores purchases of equipment and mixes too much. They also had their product in too many locations, creating an increase of supply and a decrease in demand.


On further analysis of the historical income statement, it seems that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts’ operating expenses are increasing gradually every year and are over 75% of total revenues for each year. The only income statement item that has decreased significantly was interest income from 2002 through 2004. Everything else seemed to point towards a profitably company because both gross profit and net income were increasing by at least 2% every year. On further analysis of the historical balance sheet there we some large red flag items. Property and equipment, net of depreciation was a significant portion of total assets each year. Most of the equipment they created was sold to franchisees and used in each company owned or franchisee owned factory stores. The significant amount on their balance sheet could have meant that they were manufacturing equipment faster than they were selling it to their franchises or due to the fact that they were expecting to expand, but were not able to expand to the extent they wanted to. As a percent of total assets, accounts receivable declined from 17% in 2000 to 7 % in 2004. Inventories were significantly increasing each year, but one would assume that some of their inventory would have to be written of due to the items expiration date (doughnuts can only last so long, so they appear to not be selling as much). Reacquired franchise rights, goodwill and other intangibles significantly increased starting in 2002, and every year after that. It rose in those years to be close to one third (30%) of total assets, which was the biggest item percentage wise other than property and equipment. The most significant item on the liabilities and shareholders’ equity section of the balance sheet is common stock. Every year common stock was close to 50% of total liabilities and shareholders’ equity....
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