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Executive Summary

A cogent summary (maximum: two pages) of exactly what your IMC plan involves. Among the items to include are: * Major target audiences
* Time period of the plan
* Campaign objectives
* Campaign theme/slogan
* Overall budget total
* Budget breakdown (dollars and percentages) by each
* major IMC element and each medium
* Summary of media used
* Rationale for each major element and each medium
* Evaluation program
Fox Consulting Firm was founded in 2006 and works with local franchises and small businesses to develop integrated marketing communications. Our principal offices are located in Philadelphia, PA.

Business/Product or Service
Krispy Kreme, Inc. is an international chain of doughnut stores that was founded by Vernon Rudolph in 1937. The Company provides the following products/services: Freshly baked assorted doughnuts, coffee, cold beverages, bagels, muffins, fruits and specialty doughnut cakes. Presently, our [main product] is in the [pick one of: introductory, growth, maturity] stage. It competes primarily based on [competitive advantage]. Our future plans include developing [x, y, and z] in [year or timeframe].

The Market
We define our market as [define market. e.g. women’s athletic apparel, kitchen appliances, small business software]. The total market size was approximately [$x] last [period available], and is expected to grow by [x%] by [year]. We currently hold [y%] of this market and believe we can capture [z%] of it by [year]. Some of our most notable customers include [examples of customers].

We compete directly with [x and y] and alternatives to our product include [u and v]. Our product is unique/superior because of [x]. We have a competitive advantage because of our [speed to market, established brand name, low cost producer status]. We [anticipate / do not anticipate] new companies to enter this market.

The greatest risks associated with our business today are [x, y, and z]. We feel we can overcome these risks because of [m]. Our biggest recognized opportunities include [a, b, c] Management Team
The management team is led by Chief Executive Officer [Name of CEO] who [founded the company in (year) / joined the company after working as (position) at (company)]. [Add any relevant previous work experience]. [Add education. e.g. “She received her M.B.A. from the University of Iowa in 2002”] The [title of position] is [name of position holder], [Add relevant work experience and education] The [title of position] is [name of position holder], [Add relevant work experience and education] The [title of position] is [name of position holder], [Add relevant work experience and education]

We have [manufacturing facilities / offices / branches] located in [location, location, location]. We currently perform [u] in house, while outsourcing [v]. Our total full time staff is [15 people] and our products are distributed by [method or distributor]

Capital Requirements
We are seeking [$] which will enable us to [describe what you will accomplish with the funds] by [describe how the funds will be spent]. We expect to provide an exit within [x] years by [a dividend of excess profits, recapitalization,sale of company, or public offering].

Financial Snapshot
In [the most recent quarter/month], our company had sales of [x], and net income of [y], compared to sales of [u] and net income of [v] in [the previous quarter/month]. Last Year This Year Next Year Year Two

Book Value:

Previous capital raises for equity included [$x] in [month/year] from [name] for [y% for the company], [and…]

Industry Background

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts was established in 1937 by Vernon Carver Rudolph in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  By the 1950s Krispy Kreme was producing doughnuts...
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