Kramer vs Kramer

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The movie starts with Joanna Kramer packing her things and leaving her family because she feels that the relationship with her husband is breaking apart and that she needs some time to be alone. Ted is left with his five-year old son Billy. When Joanna returns eighteen months later, she claims that she still loves her son and wants custody over him. Ted challenges the notion that the mother should automatically be awarded full custody of the child. The scene I chose is the scene of the trial. One of the legal issues is that although it would seem obvious that a mother and father should have similar rights regarding divorce, visitation and custody, they don't. During the trial Joanna Kramer states that she honestly believes that her son needs his mother more than his father, even though she was not there with him during a very important time of Billy’s psychological development. Living without a wife and a mother for one and a half years is obviously very hard, especially after living as a complete nuclear family for five years, and that difficult time made the relationship between a father and son evolve into a really close one. Both Mr. and Mrs. Kramer know and state during the film that the parents do have equal rights regarding their child. Their lawyers try to bring out the facts that show both parents being incompetent, but neither one of the Kramers actually believes that, the love for their child makes them do it.
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