Kotters 8 Step Change

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Step 2
Putting together a group with enough power to lead change.

No matter how able that person is, no one person can lead change. it is imperative to put together the right team people to help lead that change. The team must have a significant level of trust in one another and share the same objective. Kotter says when putting this team together there are four qualities of an effective guiding coalition. In putting together a Guiding Coalition, the team as a whole should reflect: • Position Power:  Enough key players on board so that those left out cannot block progress. • Expertise:  All relevant points of view should be represented so that informed intelligent decisions can be made. • Credibility:  The group should be seen and respected by those in the firm so that the group’s pronouncements will be taken seriously by other employees. • Leadership:  The group should have enough proven leaders to be able to drive the change process.(www.kotterinternational.com) I think in order to really put a credible team together you have to identify the true leaders in your company or organization. You need to know that they are emotionally committed to making this change. And like Kotter says, make sure you have a good mix of people from different departments and levels within your company. The managers keep the process going while the leaders drive the change.

Step 3 is developing a change vision.
Leaders must clarify how the future will be different from the past. A clear vision serves three important purposes. First, it simplifies hundreds or thousands of more detailed decisions.  Second, it motivates people to take action in the right direction even if the first steps are painful.  Third, it helps to coordinate the actions of different people in a remarkably fast and efficient way. (www.kotterinternational.com) Make sure that you have a clear vision that other people can imagine and desire. A clear vision can help everyone understand...
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