Kottayam, the Land of Letters, Latex, Lakes & Legends

Topics: Kerala, Kottayam, Kottayam district Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: December 10, 2010
KOTTAYAM is a land of unique characteristics. Bordered by the lofty Western Ghats on the east and the Vembanad Lake and paddy fields of Kuttanand on the west, it is the only district in Kerala that neither shares a border with neighboring states nor with Arabian Sea. The city of Kottayam is called "Akshara Nagari" considering it's contribution to print media and literature. It is also called the land of LATEX, LETTERS, LAKES & LEGENDS. Kottayam can claim many firsts to it’s credit LAND OF LETTERS

1] Kottayam municipality is the first town in India to have achieved 100% literacy (in 1989), in 1991 kottayam district achieved 100% literacy 2] English education started first time in south India at old seminary, Kottayam as early as 1813 3] The first college in the Kerala State (CMS College) was also started at Kottayam in 1840. Vidyasamgraham, a publication of CMS College, is the first College Magazine in the State and was started in 1864. 4] The first English high school in Kerala was started by the missionaries of Church Mission Society (CMS), at Kottayam in 1821. 5] Baker Memorial Girls High School in Kottayam, founded by Amalia Dorothea Baker, is the oldest girls' schools in Kerala. 6] The first printing press in Kerala was established (CMS Press) here in 1821 by Rev.Benjamin Baily. 7] Maiden printed English & Malayalam Dictionaries were published from Kottayam in 1846 & 1865 respectively. 8] The first travelogue in Malayalam, Varthamana Pusthakam (1778), written by Parammekkal Thoma Kathanar was published from Kottayam 9] The first autobiography in Malayalam by Vaikom Pachu Moothathu was published from Kottayam in 1870. 10] The first Malayalam Bible was also published from Kottayam. 11] The first and only Cooperative Society of writers, authors and publishers (SPCS), for publishing books and periodicals was set up in 1945 at Kottayam. 12] Deepika, the first daily newspaper in Malayalam & published from Kottayam, Started in 1887. 13] Kottayam is...
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