Kot Task 1

Topics: Nurse, Patient, Chemotherapy Pages: 3 (1237 words) Published: June 2, 2012
KOT1 TASK 1 by Marion Avery

One way for a nurse to show leadership is one I use quite a bit when faced with being on a team when someone else is leading. It is usually a positive move to back your leader. When they present an idea or a plan, if you back them and show others you support them, others will look up to you, especially if you are one that people look to for advice or support. One day a week I am the charge nurse for my unit. On the other days I’m not charging I still get questions from other nurses who want reinforcement for what they are doing. I am glad they come to me but if it is something that should be decided by whoever is charging that day or our manager I always redirect them to that person. I don’t mind giving my opinion but I always try to support who is leading us that day and hope that the other nurses who charge would do the same. Another way would be to give suggestions when someone else is leading. I’m often reminded of when we are running a code blue, if I’m not charging but am helping with the patient before the code team arrives, I don’t try to take over, (unless a major mistake is going to be made!) I will give suggestions to whoever is leading if they are having difficulty remembering what to do. I can support that charge nurse by my experience and help that person keep in control of the situation. Simple suggestions like, “Let’s clear the room” or “Let’s get an iv in” can help those in the lead delegate responsibilities. I feel it is quite important for nurses to be involved on interdisciplinary teams. How else can the nurse’s voice be heard if they are not involved? The nurse is the patient’s advocate. We nurse’s need to be their voice. This is one reason the nurse needs to take an active role on the interdisciplinary team. Another way would be to help others understand what exactly it is the nurse does for their patients. Many physicians may not be aware of the coordination of time it takes if they order...
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