Kosovo vs Serbia Case

Topics: Kosovo, Serbia, Yugoslavia Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Focusing on the Suffering of both Serbs Minority and General Public in Kosovo

Suffering of Serbs Minority in Kosovo
Although there is a large number of Albanians within Kosovo territory, there is also a considerable number of Serbs minorities as well. •According to the official figure, Serbs Minority is scattered in various area within Kosovo, particularly with a high concentration in the Northern Kosovo, Novo Brdo and Southern area of Štrpce. •Indeed, they are currently the target of oppression from the “Kosovo Government”. •During the Albanian occupation of Kosovo during the WW II period (1941), the ethnic Serbs within Kosovo were either killed or expelled, while a large migration of Albanians were allowed to be settled in the area. This explains the large composition of Albanians within most regions of Kosovo. •The current Kosovo government is distorting its own history to become otherwise inaccurate. •Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is currently responsible for targeting both Serbs and other minorities in Kosovo (eg. Roma). •This ranges from things such as abductions to murdering of Serbs since the end of the war. •Property of Serbs minorities, such as houses and churches are also burned down and looted as well. •There were also reports of the harassment towards Serbs so as to force them to move out of the region. •Serbs in Kosovo live in substandard condition as compared to the rest of Kosovo Population--→ Second class citizens! •This has certainly created a psychological effect that is damaging towards Serbs Minority- they fear for their safety and well-being. •Last but not least, KLA also purposely provoke the attack by Yugoslav Security Force against civilian target. This often resulted in the countless deaths of civilian. (This certainly breaks the Geneva Convention for the state conduct towards civilian in time o war!). •Even the current Prime Minister of Kosovo is alleged to be linked to various criminal activities within Kosovo. •...
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