Korean Wedding

Topics: Wedding, Marriage, Marriage in South Korea Pages: 3 (642 words) Published: May 28, 2013
01-The traditional clothing and hairstyle

Bride’s Clothing
A Korean bride wears a Wonsam and a hanbok on her wedding day. The outside of the clothing is made with red silk. and the inside of the clothing is made with blue silk. The sleeves are often striped with showy colors. The Korean bride might also tie a belt which is made of red silk around her overcoat.

01-The traditional clothing and hairstyle
Bride’s Hairstyle
For a traditional Korean wedding hairstyle. The bride’s hair is tightly pulled back and away from the face. Their hair always gathered and tied at the nape of the neck. Most of Korean brides like to wear a crown or black cap which is embellished with some jewels. On her wedding day. The Korean bride wears minimal makeup. three red points will be printed on her face. These small red points symbolize “ward off evil spirits”.

02-The traditional wedding feast
On the wedding ceremony day, the couple’s parents and the people of the village are gathered to see the sight of the wedding ceremony. Musicians playing traditional instruments.

02-The traditional wedding feast
When the bride and the groom face each other for the first time during the wedding feast. The bride bows twice first. and then the groom bows once in return. This act will repeat twice. It has been said that the new couple would try their best to sneak a good image for their future husband and wife.

02-The traditional wedding feast
The new couple will drink the wine in the wedding feast. The wine is served in a gourd dipper that once half of a whole. It symbolizes that the bride and groom will reunite through their marriage. Red date is indispensable in the wedding feast. When the bride and groom pay respects to their parents. The mother-in-law will put red dates into the bride’s skirt. Red date signify riches and fertility in Korea.

03-The modern wedding clothing
Now more and more young people would like to choose the modern wedding which is as similar as the...
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