Korean War

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The Korean War
In history, there have been a lot of wars dividing and colonizing countries for many reasons. From the event of cold war, there was a strong conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, democracy and communism. The U.S. fought for the south part of Korea against the Soviet Union and China whereas Russia had their influences in North Korea. Through the Korean War, as also known as the Unforgotten War, Korea became the only a divided country by the 38th parallel.

Throughout Korean history, Korea was mostly controlled by China. The control that the Chinese had over Korea is the reason why a lot of the Korean language, economy, political system, and religion were influenced by China (Isserman). The Chinese would lose power over Korea in the late 19th century when the Japanese empire began to grow. China lost control of Korea in the Sino-Japanese War of 1984-95 since they were weak because of the dividedness of the country (Reece). At first Japan sent troops to Seoul so that it could oversee the country they had won. When a Japanese official was assassinated in 1909, Japan thought it would be better to make Korea a part of Japan so that it could have more control of the country. Japan would then have control of Korea for 35 years. Korea was controlled from afar from Tokyo. The Japanese people who lived in Korea did not like Koreans and treated them very harshly. While most Koreans did not like the invasion of Japan, it did have a positive outcome. Japan created roads, railroads, ports and dams while they were in control of Korea. At the same time, the Koreans were used as cheap labor. Most of the money that was made was sent back to Japan. Koreans were not treated humanely while in Japanese control (Isserman).

Japan would lose its control of Japan when two countries unite against them. During the final stages off World War II, the United States had to take control of Japans home islands. The US army knew that invading Japans home islands would come with a high casualty number because the Japanese would not resist easily. The US strategist concluded that the best way to defeat Japan was to spread its forces thinly. US planned that involving the Soviet Union to enter the war would allow the US to easily defeat japan. They planned that the Soviet Union would battle with Japan at Manchuria. Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union agreed with President Roosevelt to get involved in the war as soon as it finished wars it was in currently (Isserman). Before the Soviet Union got into battle with Japan, the US dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan. Then it would drop another atomic bomb three days later on Nagasaki. A few days later the Soviet Union would attack the Japanese at Manchuria. With a blow to their forces from two locations caused the collapse of their forces and the loss of Korea (Isserman). The countries that joined together to invade Japanese forces never really thought about what they would do with Korea. The plans that were given to the Soviet Union were to invade Korea but they were never told how far into Korea they had to go in. America did not think it was a great idea that the Soviet Union would have power over Korea. In order to prevent them from having full control of Korea, the US army met the Soviet Union at the 38th parallel. An invisible border halfway between Korean The invisible border is 25 miles north of the capital of Seoul. At this time, there were about 9 million Koreans living in the north and 25 million Korean living in the south. Most of the north was used for industry, while the south was used for agriculture. The Koreans were upset that just after being liberated from 35 years of Japan control, they were not being controlled by two countries. As the US and the Soviet Union decided what to do with Korea, they both started separate political governments on either side of the parallel. At this time, a communists group that started in china created a...
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