Korean War

Topics: Korean War, North Korea, World War II Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: September 21, 2012
“The Korean War was essentially regional, but the superpowers made it personal and therefore, global.” Discuss.

The Korean War, 1950 can be argued to be a civil war which was and later evolved to become a proxy war. Here, “regional” can be defined as the civil war between North and South Korea whereby the two had their own conflicting aims and ideology, “personal” can be defined as the proxy war between the two superpowers – USA and USSR where the objective and aims of the civil war between North and South Korea were overshadowed and actions limited in influence, and “Global” defined as the involvement of China. The different countries were most responsible at different stages of the Korean War. However, I fully agree that the superpowers were the ones who caused it to evolve from a civil war into a proxy war and later on into a global war – this I will explain in my essay. However we must not neglect actions of Kim and Rhee, leaders of North and South Korea which allowed the “regional” war to become a “personal” one as well as China’s involvement in evolving the superpower’s “personal” war into a “Global” one. Kim and Rhee played a part in controlling the development of the Korean War as their conflicting ideology was the one who caused the outbreak of the Civil war in Korea. Without the outbreak, the Korean War could never be converted into a personal proxy war between the superpowers which later became global. While the influence of Kim and Rhee was later made marginal/ overshadowed by that of the superpowers in the course of the...
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