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Each question below will serve as the basis for your tutorial discussion. Your written responses will serve as your attendance grade and your verbal contributions to the discussion will serve as your participation grade. The two grades will be multiplied to produce your overall tutorial grade for the course. Also note that these questions are good representations of the type of questions you will see on the final exam so you should also consider this as weekly practice for that exam.

Your written response should be 300 words or less, typed, and must include your name and matriculation number. You should clearly choose “yes” or “no” as your response to each question (“maybe” is not an appropriate answer in this case). Note that there is not a right answer! The purpose of these questions is to give you the opportunity to articulate ideas by justifying your answer using the course concepts. You are free to bring in outside information on the topic from other sources but make sure that the core of your response is based on concepts from the class. You are also free to use any format or writing style that you deem appropriate but I would encourage you to be sure to include these three elements: (1) make a claim; this is your “yes” or “no” statement; (2) make a supporting statement; this is where you include references to theoretical concepts from class and link them to the question at hand; and (3) write a commentary; this is where you include additional elements to further make your point and offer a “sticky” idea. Week #5 (9 September): Should organizations “rank-and-yank”? One thing that universities and organizations share in common is that they feel the need to evaluate the performance of its people, whether those people are students or employees. Universities face a growing problem of “grade inflation” in which professors give all students high grades so that he or she will be perceived favorably by students. This is a...
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