Korean History in Hawaii

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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The Koreans left their homeland because they were being oppressed by the Japanese. •The first wave of Korean immigrant to Hawaii which was an American colony. There experience in Hawaii was better than the other entire immigrant group because at the time Hawaii was still mostly Hawaiian and not Americans. So they were treated fairly and were paid 75-95 cents a day comparing to the Irish, who made 1 dollar a week. •Life as an immigrant was the Korean immigrant working for an sugar plantation, but later on they moved to working on pineapple plantation because they were paid more, less racism, and it was between the rural and the urban of Hawaii so they can buy stuff from the city. •Also in the beginning some Korean tried to start their farm, but ended up failing because the climate was not right and managing the farm was different then in Korea. • The second generation of the Koreans, 90% of them left the plantation job and moved into the cities. One job they were after was being an apprentice tailor. As an apprentice tailor you only got paid 2 dollars a month, but were fed and had a home. Also after only a year they can leave and start their own tailor business. Then there was some that opened business and end up making a fortune. Some business made 500$ or more a month. •In the rural parts of Hawaii Koreans were not really suffering for racism, but when they went to the urban racism hit them hard. They were not able to take out loans, but the Korean had a different system that worked and ended up starting business. This system is where 10-50 people come in and put a certain amount of money, for example let’s say 10 dollars then the people bid on the money with an interest amount the winner gets all the money but they have to pay back the amount they bored plus interests. This worked out really well because Koreans were really honorable people and these were usually with clan members. •Koreans spoke better English then the Chinese or Japanese so they were...
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