Korean Guitar Prodigy Live in Penang

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Korean Guitar Prodigy Live in Penang

By: Tio Pei Yee (Janice)

PENANG, MAY 27 – Korean most famous guitarist, Sungha Jung was having a concert for the first time in Penang which was sponsored by Manuel Ukulele Music in order to introduce the Ukulele musical instrument.

Korean youngest guitarist, Sungha Jung was performing his talented fingerstyle skills not only with guitar during the concert but he also played ukulele and bass.

Throughout the concert, he performed the theme song of one of the hottest Hollywod movie ‘Pirates of Carribean’, Jason Mraz – I’m Yours and one of the video games ‘Super Mario’ song using ukulele and ‘Canon in D’ with bass.

Most of the songs he performed in concert was using guitar such as Michael Jackson ‘Beat It’, ‘Phantom of The Opera’ and one of his favourite South Korean band, Big Bang ‘Blue’. He also played his self composed song ‘Sorry’ and ‘Farewell’.

The crowd was amazed with his talented skills not only in guitar but also ukulele.

“I just learned how to play ukulele when I reach here a day before for my concert.” said Sungha Jung.

The objective to have this concert is to improve Malaysia local music field and also their knowledge about ukulele. Ukulele is one of the musical instruments which are similar outlook as guitar but with four strings. Malaysia local music field is not that popular compared to overseas music field.

According to Mr. Chew, not much people know about ukulele and most do not even know what it is actually. The reason why we pick Sungha Jung is because he is only sixteen years old and also the most suitable icons for the theme of this concert.

Manuel Ukulele Music took approximately half year to plan for this concert.

“It was a bit difficult to come out with the date of concert at first since Sungha Jung still is a student and he was also busy with his own schedule but we managed to contact him and set the date too.” said Mr. Chew.

Mr. Chew says that the main target...
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